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Une grande jardinière en porcelaine de Chine en bleu et blanc à décor en relief, Kangxi

Ce lot a été vendu le 2020-10-31 et n'est plus disponible

Dia.: 65 cm - H.: 48,5 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The deer with a few tight short superficial glaze lines as well as a few small spots of superficial fritting to the glaze, and some touch-ups to small rim chips along the back of the animal.
- The figure on the left of the tree with a number of tight superficial glaze lines and small superficial chips on the edges.
- The figure on the right of the tree with a baking flaw on the left side, where the applied figure hasn't fully adhered to the surface. Also showing a restored hairline running along most of the right handside. A few small superficial chips on the edges.
- The crane with a few short tight glaze lines and a few very small chips to the tail.
- The two ladies with a few small superficial chips and baking flaws, a few short tight glaze lines and a few small touch-ups to superficial chips.
- With a number of superficial chips on the outer rim retouched.- The luting line somewhat visible throughout.

Provenance: A private collection, Thailand.

Ref.: Another relief-moulded jardinière, decorated with the 'Eight horses of Mu Wang', was recorded in the Royal Collections Trust under RCIN 100369.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 153.000