Een uitzonderlijke keizerlijke Chinese doucai vaas met draken, Qianlong zegelmerk en periode

H.: 43,5 cm (the vase excl. stand and cover)

Presented with a later carved wooden cover and stand.

- Acquired at a Belgian auction, ca. 10 years ago, by the current owner.
- At that point sold from the private collection of a general practicioner from Mol, Belgium.

See also:
- International Exhibition of Chinese Art, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1935-1936, Exhibition catalogue, nr. 2178, for the description and an image of the complete vase. The example concerned was then lent by Sir John Buchanan-Jardine. It was decribed as: 'Vase, with dragon handles and decoration of polychrome enamels. H.: 69,9 cm. Mark of Qianlong period.' Please refer to the illustrations. The full publication can be consulted on the website of the Royal Academy of Arts. (link)

Geschat: € 80000 - € 120000