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Exceptionnel et important aquarium en porcelaine de Chine en bleu, blanc et rouge de cuivre à décor d'antiquités et de paysages, Kangxi

Ce lot a été vendu le 2023-10-12 et n'est plus disponible

Dia.: 60,5 cm - H.: 48 cm

The present fish bowl is unique. There appears to be no record of another example combining the vivid 'Master of the Rocks'-style panels with magnificently painted arrangements of scholar's objects. The landscape panels are captured in leaf-shaped medallions, while the arrangements of scholar's objects are left unframed, yet remain in perfect balance with the leaves. The upper band is decorated with underglaze blue and copper-red peony scrolls. The lower band features five kui dragons surrounded by lotus scrolls, where the lotus flowers stand out as executed in a vibrant shade of copper-red. The copper-red is fired to perfection throughout, an impressive realisation on such a grand scale piece.

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- An important Belgian private collection.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Generally in very good to excellent condition, without repairs or significant damage
- The glaze very well-preserved, with a shiny and glossy outlook on the exterior.
- Along the rim, numerous short brown-stained scratches are visible, probably due to having been metal-mounted at some point in the past.
- There are a number of superficial scratches to the glaze throughout, commensurate with the age.
- There are a number of baking flaws throughout: a diagonal line is visible to one of the landscape panels, where the glaze has slightly pulled away, there is a baking-related bulge on the upper rim and there are a few small spots where the glaze has burst.
- There is normal minor superficial wear throughout.

- 整体品相非常良好,近乎全品,没有破损,亦没有修复。
- 釉面保存非常完好,尤其鱼缸外侧的釉光清晰、油润。
- 缸口外侧唇沿多处偏棕黄色的刮痕,很可能是以往有过铜镶口的原因而导致。
- 釉面有一些因为岁月而产生的浅显的磨痕。
- 缸有几处窑伤 - 1: 侧面一处开窗风景的下侧有一条制造时产生的凹痕,因釉被刮去而呈现出胎的火石红色;2: 口沿上的一处窑粘; 3: 缸口沿几处爆釉。

Adjudication frais incl.: € 204.000