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Quatre tasses sur leur plateau en porcelaine de Chine en bleu et blanc, marque Shun Li Kun Ji, 19ème

Ce lot a été vendu le 2023-06-28 et n'est plus disponible

Dia.: 16,5 cm (the tray)
Dia.: 7 cm - H.: 5,5 cm (each cup)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Two cups in excellent condition.
- One cup in quasi excellent condition with a small chip to the base rim and one cup with three hairlines to the rim.
- The plate in excellent condition with two baking flaws in the middle on the front.

- 两个杯子全品。
- 一个杯子近乎全品,圈足一个小飞皮。
- 一个杯子口沿三条冲线。
- 盘子全品,正面中间两个窑粘。