Une paire de beurriers couverts en forme de cygne en faïence polychrome de Delft, 18ème

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L.: 13,5 cm - H.: 13 cm 

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The green-ground swan tub and cover both in very good condition with a few small superficial rim chips.
- The blue-ground swan tub with a restored break across. The cover with a restored break to the neck. The repairs executed to very high standard and invisible to the naked eye, but showing up under UV-light.

Each tub marked with an axe on the base, for the 'De Porceleyne Byl' workshop, Delft.
The tub inscribed Zwaan above a numeral 5 and 6 on the inside, the cover inscribed with the numerals 5 and 6.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 9.562,50