Exceptionnel grand vase de style Iznik, Cantagalli, Italie, 19ème

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H.: 56,5 cm

By the 19th C., the introduction of the studio potter, led by the Frenchman Joseph-Théodore Deck, propelled a fascination with reviving Iznik-style pottery in Europe. Deck’s successful experiments with Iznik went on to inspire Ulisse and Giuseppe Cantagalli to produce their own works which paired the characteristic polychrome Saz-style decoration with large, un-Ottoman forms (Denny, 2004, pp. 221-22). The impressive scale of this vase was most likely drawn from a vase in a royal Italian collection published by Deck in 1887 (Deck, 1887, fig.11, p. 26).

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Generally in very good condition, with normal superficial wear and small baking flaws.
- A few small superfical glaze chip.
- The foot rim with a 3,5 cm hairline and a piece lacking from the inner foot rim.

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