Un service à café de 4 pièces en terre noire de Namur à montures en argent, 18ème


H.: 30 cm - L.: 27 cm (the coffee pot)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The surface with typical negligible minor superficial wear, although this set shows an excellent quality glaze with a very glossy appearance.
- The bowl and cover in very good condition. The cover with a few small chips to the inside of the rim, quasi invisible from the exterior and not at all when the lid sits on the bowl. The bowl in excellent condition with a few negligible baking flaws on the underside of the foot.
- The teapot and cover in very good condition. The rim with a superficial ca. 3 mm chip. Both the rim of the pot and the rim of the lid with a few very small negligible 1 mm chips. The spout with a baking flaw.
- The milk jug and cover in very good condition. The tip of the beak with a superficial ca. 2 mm chip. The rim with a small number of negligible superficial 1 mm chips. The lid with a superficial ca. 8 mm chip on the underside, slightly visible on the outside.
- The coffee pot with a tight ca. 3 cm hairline running down from the rim. The rim with a few negligible superficial 1 mm chips. Two small sections of superficial glaze loss on the handle. The lid with a ca. 15 x 6 mm rim chip. The silver wire connecting lid and spout detached, but easily fixed.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 1.912,50