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Grande applique de Saint-Antoine en cuivre doré et incrusté, Limoges, France, 13ème ou postérieur

Ce lot a été vendu le 2023-02-25 et n'est plus disponible

Please note the dating on this lot should read: A large inlaid gilt copper applique of Saint Anthony, Limoges, France, 13th C. or later

H.: 35 cm - L.: 10,5 cm (the frame)
H.: 30 cm (the figure)

Mounted on a velvet-covered wooden panel.

Provenance: A Dutch private collection.

- The Metropolitan Museum, New York, accession no. 17.190.812, for a smaller example on original champlevé enamel panel. (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Typical wear to the gilding throughout.
- A number of small superficial dents throughout.
- Minor touch-ups to superficial damage to the nose and the forehead.
- Lacking a turquoise stone to the collar and one to the book.