Une collection variée en porcelaine de Chine, 19ème

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Dia.: 21 cm (the plate)
Dia.: 12,5 cm (the largest saucers)
Dia.: 7,5 cm - H.: 7 cm (the tall cups)
Dia.: 10 cm - H.: 4 cm (the stem bowls)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Four cups in very good condition, with minor small superficial chips.
- Three cups with one or more hairlines and/or rim chip(s).
- Three saucers in excellent condition.
- Two saucers in good condition with some small superficial rim chips.
- Three saucers with one or more hairlines and/or rim chip(s).
- One tazza in good condition, with typical superficial glaze losses along the rim.
- The other tazza with a glued breaks of the foot.
- The blue and white 'fish' plate with a 4,5 cm hairline and a few small superficial rim chips.
- One of the clobbered plates in nearly excellent condition, with minor superficial wear of the enamel design.
- The other plate with a glued break and a related shor hairline.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 828,75