Grand vase 'hu' en porcelaine de Chine doucai, marque de Qianlong, 19ème

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H.: 57 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The vase with three hairlines of ca. 7 cm to the rim on the outside, invisible on the inside due to the nature of the restoration.
- Some related overspraying and overpainting around the three hairlines.
- Some losses of the overglazed enamel design and a number of spots of glaze loss.

- 尊口沿三條衝線,長約7釐米。由於修復材料的特性,在尊內側不可見。
- 在三條衝線周圍有復繪和噴繪痕跡。
- 瓶身幾處傷彩和剝釉。