Een paar Chinese famille rose kommen met vlinders op gele fondkleur, Tongzhi merk en periode

Dit lot werd verkocht op 2023-10-12 en is niet meer beschikbaar

Dia.: 14 cm - H.: 6,5 cm

- The collection of a Belgian connoisseur.

Ref.: Christie's, London, May 28, 2020, for a similar but slightly larger pair. (sold GBP 11.250) (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The first bowl in quasi excellent condition, with a minor flake to the base rim.
- The second bowl with a chip and two hairlines to the rim.

- 第一个碗近乎全品,圈足外侧一个飞皮。
- 第二个碗口沿两条冲线和一个磕崩。