Een zeldzame Chinese famille rose 'Pronk'-stijl wijnkoeler, Qianlong, ca. 1740

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L.: 47,5 cm - W.: 33,5 cm - H.: 28,5 cm

Provenance: The collection of a French lady, Paris.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The top rim with overpainting on a section of the rim of ca. 9 cm, mostly staying in or above the pink band, probably to cover a missing rim chip of app. 3 x 2 cm which is slightly translucent under strong lighting, while the rest of the corpus isn't. Another area of overpainting with a translucent area showing up under strong lighting, covering a missing rim chip of app. 5 x 3 cm.
- The surface with an orange skin look presenting a network of superficial glaze crackling all-over, numerous minor superficial baking flaws and six pairs of superficial pin marks, probably where the piece was supported in the kiln.

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