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A polychrome Dutch Delft melon-shaped tureen on leaf-shaped stand, 18th C.

This lot was sold on 2023-06-30 and is no longer available

Dim.: 22,5 x 18 cm (the stand)
L.: 11,5 cm - H.: 9 cm (the tureen)

The tureen and cover both marked with a numeral 4. The tureen marked with an axe for the 'De Porceleyne Byl' workshop, Delft.
The stand marked HVH for Hendrik van Hoorn, the 'Drie Posteleyne Astonne' workshop, Delft, 1759-1804.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The leaf-shaped stand generally in good condition, with the petiole restored and related overpainting. The rim with minor superficial glaze losses.
- The cover of the tureen with the branch-shaped knob restored and small superficial losses of the glaze. A small chips from the tip of two leafs and a small chip from the inner rim.
- The tureen generally in good condition with typical glaze losses from the rim and a touch up of glaze loss.