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A rare photo of Guido Gezelle in Kortrijk, ca. 1893

A rare photo of Guido Gezelle in Kortrijk, ca. 1893  
This lot was sold on 2023-02-25 and is no longer available

Dim.: 11,5 x 8,5 cm (the photograph)
Dim.: 15 x 10 cm (the frame)

Ref.: Beeldbank, Kortrijk, for a similar example. (link)

Guido Gezelle in the Warandepark of the Nolf-Beck family in the Doorniksewijk in Kortrijk. Guido Gezelle (1830-1899) was appointed in 1872 as assistant pastor of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe parish. He continued to live in Kortrijk until shortly before his death. From a literary point of view, Gezelle was particularly productive during this period. In addition to journalistic work, vulgarizing prose, pamphlets, language studies and lectures, he delivered an enormous number of poems. His masterpieces 'Tijdkrans' and 'Rhymcord' were written in Kortrijk. He was also very active in cultural life and in education.