Van Verendael, Nicolaes (1640-1691, attr. to): Floral still life in urn with butterfly, oil on canvas

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Dim.: 81 x 71 cm (the frame)
Dim.: 60 x 51cm (the work)

He was much more appreciated in his younger years and worked with Teniers, Luyckx and De Heem, but his financial rewards were poor; he had the reputation of being a slow worker. Dated works between 1659 and 1690: in Munich a vanitas still life by Jan Davidsz de Heem with flowers by Van Verendael, a vanitas still life in Venice by Hendrick Andriessen with flowers by Van Verendael (Willigen/Meijer 2003, p. 205); in Duverger 1984-2004, Verendael's paintings are cited in Antwerp inventories on a regular basis, attesting to his popularity. (source: RKD)

- A Belgian private collection.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Overall in good, hangable condition.
- The painting relined on a slightly larger canvas (ca. 3-4 cm on each side), the outer sections retouched as visible on the additional images under UV-light.
- Further minor touch-ups to the dark background as visible on the additional images under UV-light.
- In all likelihood, one leave overpainted to the tulip in the upper right corner, as visible on the additional images under UV-light.
- No damage visible on the back.
- The frame in good condition, with minor tension cracks as visible.

Price incl. premium: € 12.112,50