A Chinese Imari-style tray after Cornelis Pronk: 'Dames au parasol', Qianlong

Dia.: 25 cm

- (by repute) Gifted by the Dutch Royal House to the Fraeylemaborg estate, Slochteren, The Netherlands.
- (by repute) Sold at Mak van Waay Auctions, Amsterdam, 1971.
- A private collection in the province of Friesland, The Netherlands.

The present tray is highly unusual as it features a quadrangular central medallion, whereas nearly all known pieces of this design show a round medallion. The tray is also shaped accordingly.

According to VOC-records, only two complete services were commanded. Each is described as containing four of these trays. One of these two services was gifted by the Dutch royal house to the Fraeylemaborg estate in Slochteren, The Netherlands. The contents of the estate were partly sold at auction in 1971, at Mak van Waay auctions in Amsterdam. According to the owner, the present tray was acquired at this sale.

Estimate: € 8000 - € 12000