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A pair of Chinese blue and white square vases and covers, Kangxi

This lot was sold on 2021-03-13 and is no longer available

Please note that this is a premium lot. Bidding requires pre-auction registration and the payment of a deposit.

H.: 31 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- One cover in excellent condition.
- The second cover with two chips to the finial and a very small superficial chip to one of the corners, otherwise in good condition.
- One vase in very good condition with a few small superficial chips on the upper rim and a few negligible superficial baking flaws.
- The second vase with a visibly restored chip on the upper rim, with a related ca. 1 cm hairline extending diagonally downwards from it. A small unglazed section on the opposite side of that same rim. The vertical sides with a number of typical small chips. A larger one to one of the bottom corners. Otherwise in good condition.

- The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has one example, depicting scenes from a popular drama: Autumn in the Han Palace, which is a fictional rendition of the historical story of Wang Zhaojun, a concubine of the Han Emperor Yuan. Written by Ma Zhiyuan, a celebrated playwright during the Yuan dynasty, the drama enjoyed high popularity in the late Ming to early Qing periods. A wide selection of its scripts with illustrations were published. (link)
- The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, accession number C.814&A-1910A. (link)
- The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, object number AK-NM-6698-A. (link)