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A Chinese blue and white 'lotus scroll' jar, dated 1587, Wanli mark and of the period

This lot was sold on 2020-02-15 and is no longer available

To bid on this lot a pre-auction registration is required along with a deposit of 5.000 Euro.

H.: 23 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Painted in a very attractive shade of cobalt blue.
- With superficial glaze loss around the rim.
- A tight ca. 4 cm hairline running down the neck, mostly showing on the inside. On the outside it is only visible over ca. 2 cm. Possibly baking related as their appears to be a baking anomaly on the inside of the neck.

The base with an inscription reading 萬曆丁亥年造黔府應用' - 'Wanli dinghai nian zao qianfu yingyong' referring to the year 'dinghai' (1587).

“Qianfu/黔府" on Chinese blue-and-white porcelain refers to the Mu family. During the Ming Dynasty, the Mu family fought the North and then battled the Southwest Frontier for a long time, achieving great achievements for the Ming Dynasty. As a result, the Mu family became incredibly affluent and wealthy, holding sway over the economy and politics of Yunnan into the 1600's.

Ref.: Guizhou Provincial Museum, Guiyang, China, for another blue and white piece bearing this inscription. According to the text, it is the only known example with this inscription. (link)

Price incl. premium: € 48.450