A Chinese blue and white rouleau vase with qilins, Kangxi


H.: 20,5 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- With restoration along app. 2/3 of the top rim, remaining in the white-glazed section - no underglaze blue overpainted below the blue band just below the rim. On the inside, a tight superficial ca. 2 cm glaze line visible in the neck.
- A vertical ca. 5 cm glaze line visible on the inside only, not showing on the outside under normal or UV-light.
- An internal underglaze glaze line visible on the outside over ca. 1,5 cm, somewhat longer on the inside.
- In the lower part, a horizontal ca. 6 cm hairline.
- The glaze just above the foot with a few very small superficial chips.
- The unglazed foot also with a few very small chips.

Estimate: € 1500 - € 2500