Een zilveren theeservies op onderschotel, 3e gehalte, wellicht Duitsland, eind 19e eeuw


H.: 19 cm (the coffee jug)
H.: 13,5 cm (the teapot)
H.: 11 cm (the sugar pot and cover)
H.: 9,5 cm (the cream/milk jug)
Dim.: 49 x 35,5 cm (the tray)

The coffee jug: ca. 716 gr.
The teapot: ca. 544 gr.
The sugar pot: ca. 324 gr.
The cream/milk jug: ca. 124 gr.
The tray: ca. 1700 gr.

Marked 800M.

- The set with superficial wear to the surface and a number of scuff marks, as visible.
- The coffee jug with a dent on the bottom.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 573,75