Vijf Chinese famille rose dekselvazen en -potten, 19e eeuw


H.: 32,5 cm (the tallest)

Condition: (UV-checked) (from left to right)
- The famille rose Wu Shuang Pu jar on the left lacking the lid. The outer and inner top rim with a few small superficial chips. Otherwise in good condition.
- The famille rose jar with '100 boys' with small chips to the rim and finial of the lid. The jar in excellent condition.
- The large Wu Shuang Pu jar and cover with matching inscriptions on the unglazed rims. The jar in excellent condition. The cover with two superfical rim chips. The largest with a related 15 mm glaze line on the top side only, not visible on the inside.
- The famille rose jar and cover, with the finial of the cover restored. The jar with a few very small superficial chips and two tension lines on the rim. On the inside, a faint glaze line visible, not on the outside.
- The famille rose food pot and cover both in good condition.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 1.912,50