Vier Chinese famille rose koppen en schotels met decor van het 'Afscheid van de zeeman', Qianlong

Dit lot werd verkocht op 2018-12-08 en is niet meer beschikbaar

Dia.: 12,5 cm (the saucer)
H.: 4 cm – Dia.: 7,5 cm (the cup)

See also: The Liverpool Museum blog, Feb. 11, 2011, for a small article on a similar example. (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- One saucer with a faint ca. 5 cm hairline in the center.
- Two saucers in excellent condition.
- One saucer in nearly excellent condition with a 1 mm fleabite on the rim.
- One cup with a section broken out and restuck of ca. 6 x 3 cm, with an internal break.
- Two cups in excellent condition.
- One cup with a 1 cm hairline and three small rim chips.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 1.785,00