Een grote Chinese verguld houten figuur van Boeddha, 19e eeuw


H.: 89,5 cm (the figure on stand)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The tip of the nose with an old repair. Both sides of the head with a small touch up. The monk-shaped ornament of the tiara with a small lacking section and slightly loose to the head.
- Some areas of the figure with wear to the gilding and losses of the polychromy. Just above the knees possibly with a replaced square-shaped section. 
- Both feet of the figure with a tension crack, as visible on the photo. 
- The stand with important losses of the lacquer, polychromy and gilding. The panels and junctions slightly loose to eachother. With minor age related tension lines. Possibly with an old reinforcement on the bottom.
- The panel with dragons behind the figure possibly not original, with wear to the polychromy and gilding. The backside with areas of discolouration, probably caused by water.
- The belly of the figure with an circle metal plate insert.
- The figure probably not original to the stand and back panel.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 9.562,50