Een Japanse octagonale Kakiemon schotel, Edo, 2e helft 17e eeuw


Dia.: 26 cm

Decorated in polychrome enamels and gilt over clear glaze with a scene of Sima Guang rescuing a drowning companion from a water jar, known in Europe as the "Hob in the well". The design was copied in the UK in Bow and Chelsea, and in Germany, in Meissen.

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Condition: (UV-checked)
- Generally in very good condition.
- A superficial chip to the bottom right corner of ca. 6 x 3 mm and one to the upper left side corner of ca. 3 x 1 mm.
- Minor superficial wear, mostly to the black and gold enamels.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 5.100