Een stervormige tegel met Lajvardina glazuur met turquoise fondkleur, Kashan, Iran, 13e eeuw


L.: 21 cm

See also:
- Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Accession Nr. AC1996.115.1-.5, for a set of four Lajvardina-glazed tiles including anothe turquoise ground example. (link)
- Lempertz, June 18, 2017, Brussels, Lot 5015, for another turquoise ground Lajvardina-glazed star tile of the same size. (Sold €4.092) (link)

Provenance: A French collection.

Condition: (UV-checked)
- A triangular section on the lower right tip restored, of ca. 20 x 30 mm.
- A reglued break from 1/3 up on  the left side to the right side of the lowest tip.
- Very small touch-ups to superficial glaze wear on the upper three tips and the upper edge of the middle right tip.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 3.570,00