Drie Chinese famille rose wapenschotels voor de Engelse markt, Qianlong

Dit lot werd verkocht op 2018-12-08 en is niet meer beschikbaar

Dia.: 23 cm (famille rose plate with the arms of Hay quartering Gifford)
Dia.: 34,5 cm (the Grills armorial charger)
Dim.: 41,5 x 33,5 cm (the meat dish with arms of Waller)

Condition: (UV-checked) (from left to right)
1) With minor superficial enamel wear and numerous superficial chips of the rim on the front side.
2) The charger generally in good condition, the front side with numerous small burst glaze bubbles on the border and the rim with minor small superficial chips.
3) Generally in very good condition, with minor superficial wear and the rim with minor small burst glaze bubbles.

Hamerprijs incl. commissie: € 828,75