Een polychrome Delftse huwelijksplaquette met alliantiewapen, ca. 1704


Dim.: 26 x 26 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- In very good condition with negligible superficial wear.

In 'Consultatien, advysen ende advertissementen van rechten met andere voorname rechtsgeleerden / afgegeven by wylen mr. Marten Alexander van Lamzweerde' (link), published by Wouter Troost in Arnhem, ca. 1776-1782, both Johan Michiel Adolph Belling and Lucretia Spoltman are mentioned. Belling appears to have been a Sergeant Major of a cavalry regiment, while Spoltman is later referred to as the daughter of the deceased mayor of the Dutch city of Arnhem, Johan Spoltman. A reference to the arms of Johan Spoltman is made in 'De Nederlandsche Leeuw', 1918 (link) where the arms are described as 'Two black arrows pointing downwards, set on a gold ground'.

The marriage is described in 'De Nederlandsche Leeuw', 1911(link), p. 117, as executed on March 6, 1704. It is safe to assume that the present plaque was ordered for this occasion.

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