50 boeken over Chinese schilderkunst, kalligrafie, lakwerk, textiel, jade, ...

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Antique Jade – Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Milan, Oscar Luzzatto-Bilitz
Chinese paintings from the shanghai Museum 1851-1911, Anita Chung and Guolin Shan
Chinese textiles, American Art Association Anderson Galleries INC
Ancient Chinese Mirrors from the Murakami Collection, Nezu Museum
XVe ooude kunst-en antiekbeurs, der vereniging van handelaren in oude kunst in Nederland, Museum "Het Prinsenhof",, Delft
Ausstellung Archäoloische Funder der Volksrepublik China, Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst

Chinese and Japanese Cloisonné Enamels, Sir Harry Garner
A Jade Miscellany, Una Pope-Hennessy
Ostasiatische Lackkunst, Gunhild Gabbert
Oriental lacquer art, Lee Yu-kuan
The way of the Brush, Fritz van Briessen
Chinese Cloisonné The Pierre Uldry Collection, Helmut Brinker and Albert Lutz HARDCOVER
Chinese Cloisonné The Pierre Uldry Collection, Helmut Brinker and Albert Lutz SOFTCOVER
Chinese Silk A cultural history, Helagh Vainker
Paradise and Plumage Chinese connections in Tibetan Arhat Painting, Rob Linrothe
Jades from China, Angus Forsyth and Brian McElney
Chinese Brush Painting, Pauline Cherrett
Jade, Roger Keverne
The story of Jade, Herbert P. Whitlock and Martin L. Ehrmann
Chinese painting and calligraphy, Wan-go Wang
Chinese watercolours, Josef Hejzlar
Chinese Brush Painting, Pauline Cherrett
Jade, J.P. Palmer
Gilded dragons, Carol Michaelson
The simple art of Chinese Brush Painitng, Qu Lei Lei
Chinese Brushwork in calligraphy and painting, Kwo Da-Wei
Chinese Jade of five Centuries, Joan M. Hartman
Chinese Jade from the neolithic to the Qing, Jessica Rawson
The life of a Patron, Zhou Lianggong (1612-1672) and the painters of seventeenth-century China, Hongnam Kim
Reading the past Chinese, Oliver Moore
Analysis of Chinese Charcaters, G.D. Wilder and J.H. Ingram
The art of Chinese poetry, James J.Y. Liu
Chinese landscape painting in the caves of Tun-Huang, Anil de Silva
Chinese Jade throughout the ages, Stanley Charles Nott
Jade fact and Fable, Sir Charles Hardinge, BT.
Chinese jades, archaic and modern, from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Harold Peterson
Exhibition of Paintings of the Ming & Ching Periods., Hong Kong City Museum & Art Gallery; Hong Kong Urban Council; Min Ch'iu ching she
XXIIe Biennalq des Antiquaires, Syndicat National des Antiquaires
Celadon Jade, The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquites and AB Gustavsbergs Fabriker
Chinese Lacquer, The Garner Collection
Ancient Bronzes, Museum of Art Canergie Institute
The Eternal Stone 6000 years of Chinese Culture - From the Shang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Christie's
Creatures of Chinese Galss Work Shops, the Ina and Sandford Gadient Collection
Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City, Ming Wilsong & the Palace Museum, Beijing
Chinese Watercolours, Josef Hejzlar
The Ullens Collection of Important Chinese Gold, Poly Auction