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Frans II Francken (1581-1642) et atelier: 'La Mort et l'Avare', huile sur cuivre

Ce lot a été vendu le 2023-10-12 et n'est plus disponible

Dim.: 34 x 28,5 cm (the frame)
Dim.: 21,5 x 16 cm (the work)

- In the collection of a Flemish family for several generations.
- By descent to the current owner.

- The Wellcome Collection, London, Accession Number 45044i, for a version measuring 23 x 17 cm. (link) It comes with the following text: A popular composition: the catalogue of Francken's paintings by U. Härting (Frans Francken der Jüngere, Freren, 1989) lists nine autograph versions, and there are many painted and engraved copies. The general sense is that of the Dance of Death: death comes even to those who have many blessings on earth. The precise role of the victim in this composition has been identified variously as a physician, a rich man, a moneylender, a gout-ridden man, a miser.
- Galerie Lowet de Wotrenge, for a version sold at TEFAF 2019 measuring 16,4 x 13 cm. (link)

Adjudication frais incl.: € 48.450