Une grande boîte couverte à mendiants en forme de citrouille en argent, Chine, Qing Yun, Tientsin, 18/19ème


Dim.: Dia.: 27 cm - H.: 16 cm (excl. stand)

Marked on the base "慶雲 (Qingyun)", active in Tianjin between 1783 - (end date as yet undetermined, thought to be circa 1890-1900)

Bruto weight: 2073 gr. (includes a fine wooden support for the condiment trays)

- The collection of a lady who imported Chinese antiques into Belgium, working together closely with Belgian CICM-missionaries. By repute, acquired in China between 1965 and 1980.
- Thence by descent.

- Please note that the condiment dishes rest on a wooden support, placed inside the box.
- The condiment dishes fit into the inner box very tightly.
- Seven of the eight outer condiment dishes bear an inscription, probably a numeral.
- The box with corresponding markings on the inner rim, indicating the order to correctly enter the condiment dishes.
- The box of later date, probably 3rd quarter of the 20th C.
- A small price tag inside the box, reading 52.600 (presumable Belgian Francs).

Condition report:
- The eight condiment dishes appear to be in good condition, with some minor scratches on the outsides, obviously invisible when inset and probably due to manipulation within the tight available space, which fits exactly.
- The central roundel with slightly more apparent scuff marks, slightly but not disturbingly and seemingly naturally deformed.
- The wooden support with normal signs of use.
- The box in excellent condition, without dents or important surface wear. Minimal signs of use.
- The lid in excellent condition. After a long and thorough inspection we located two minimal, superficial adjacent scratches of ca. 1 cm each, hardly worth mentioning.
- Lid and box match perfectly, showing a maximal deviation of less than 1 mm when correctly placed. The butterfly formed by the design on both parts also perfectly matches.
- The fitted stand in good condition.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 14.662,50