Une théière, une verseuse et un sucrier en argent, Chine, marque de Luen Wo, 1880-1940


H.: 12 cm - L.: 21,5 cm (the largest teapot)

Marked on the base "Shanghai Luen Wo", 42 Nanking Road Shanghai (1880-1940)
The retail mark is Luen Wo, Shanghai is simply Luen Wo’s location.

(Special thanks to expert Adrien von Ferscht for his assistance)

Weight teapot: 580 gr.
Weight milk jug : 220 gr.
Weight sugar bowl: 258 gr. 
Total weight: 1058 gr.

Condition: (UV checked)
-The teapot generally in good condition, with a superficial dent of ca. 1,5 cm on the bottom. The handle slightly leeway to the body and minor wear to the ivory discs. The cover with minor dents as visible on the pictures.
- The milk jug and sugar bowl generally in very good condition, with minor superficial wear to the surface.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 2.805