Une figure de l'immortel Vaishravana sur un lion bouddhiste en pierre de savon, Kangxi/Qianlong


H.: 25 cm - L.: 21 cm - W.: 9,5 cm

Vaishravana, seated in a pose of ‘royal ease’ on the back of a Buddhist lion, wears a fitted robe, tied around his waist, with a knotted scarf around his neck. His clenched right hand is lifted above his head and the left hand is down at his side. His facial expression is solemn and fierce, with bulging eyes and arched eyebrows.  Both figures wear boots.

The material from which Vaishravana is carved is of ivory white colour, contrasting with the light pink and purple-coloured material used for the Buddhist lions and the bases.  Some traces of blue, green, black and red pigments are visible as well as some gilding in the incised lines.

- By repute: from the collection of Karl With, Germany
- On the back of the base, an old label for: Collection Vecht, Rokin 30, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- Acquired from Kunstzalen A. Vecht, Amsterdam, at the Delft antiques fair in 1974.
- A Dutch private collection.

Exhibited: Tefaf 2015.

See also:
- Sotheby's, London, 9 Nov. 2016, Lot 233, for a related example dated to the Kangxi period, probably from the same workshop or artist, from the Joseph M. Morpurgo Collection (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The figure possibly lacking the tips of the upper hand, probably lacking an attribute from the hand. With the arm reglued just above the elbow, with the tip of the sleeve reglued just below the elbow, with the upper foot reglued. With small insignificant superficial chips on the extremities and minor superficial wear to the applied decoration.
- The lion with a section of the tail broken off and reglued, with a restuck break on each of the paws, with the eyes possibly recoloured, the base with a reglued and retouched break. With superficial wear to the applied colours. 

Adjudication frais incl.: € 18.844,50