Une figure de l'immortel Vajraputra sur un lion bouddhiste en pierre de savon, Kangxi/Qianlong


H.: 25 cm - L.: 20,5 cm - W.: 10,5 cm

Vajraputra, seated in a pose of ‘royal ease’ on the back of a Buddhist lion, wears a loosely fitting robe incised with lotus and ruyi patterns. His right hand, crossed in front of his chest, holds a vajra sceptre, whilst his left hand rests on his knee. His face is carved in detail with a demure expression. Vajraputra, also known as Xiaoshi luohan in Chinese, is one of the 18 luohans, representing freedom from inhibition and playfulness. He is often portrayed with a Buddhist lion.

The material from which Vajraputra is carved is of ivory white colour, contrasting with the light pink and purple-coloured material used for the Buddhist lions and the bases. Some traces of blue, green, black and red pigments are visible as well as some gilding in the incised lines.

- By repute: from the collection of Karl With, Germany
- On the back of the base, an old label for: Collection Vecht, Rokin 30, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- Acquired from Kunstzalen A. Vecht, Amsterdam, at the Delft antiques fair in 1974.
- A Dutch private collection.

Exhibited: Tefaf 2015.

See also:
- Sotheby's, London, 9 Nov. 2016, Lot 233, for a related example dated to the Kangxi period, probably from the same workshop or artist, from the Joseph M. Morpurgo Collection (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The figure with a section of the lower foot restuck, as well as a section on the back of the figure. The outer left section of the robe also reglued. With a small chip to the tip of the nose, minor wear to the green and blue paint as well as to the gilding. Also with a small area of discolouration on the top of the head.
- The lion with one glass eye and one out of probably lapis. The tip of the tongue retouched and with a break to each of the paws. The base probably with a restored break, the surface with a number of small chips and superficial wear. 
- With an inscription on the sadle of the lion and on the back of the figure.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 25.500