Une théière, un cremier et un sucrier en argent, marque de Luen Wo - Shanghai, Chine, fin du 19ème


L.: 24 cm - H.: 12,5 cm (the teapot)

Weight: 494 grams (teapot w. lid) - 189 grams (the sugar bowl) - 156 grams (the cream jug)

- The teapot generally in good condition, with a 3 mm dent to the underside of the tip of the spout and a small dent to the lower left part of the spout. The lid with two small 1-2 mm dents on the outer rim. The inner section of the lid slightly deformed. 
- The sugar bowl in excellent condition.
- The cream jug in excellent condition.

Adjudication frais incl.: € 4.080,00