Six pièces en porcelaine de Chine, 19/20ème

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H.: 26,5 cm (the pair of vases)
Dia.: 19 cm (the plates)
Dia.: 14 cm - H.: 5,5 cm (the largest bowl)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The pair of vases: one vase excellent, one with a ca. 3 cm hairline in the neck. Both lids with small rim chips, one with the finial damaged.
- The bowl with bats in very good condition with a few burst glaze bubbles on the rim.
- The bowl with antiquities in excellent condition.
- The plates: one in good condition with fresh enamels and a few small superficial rim chips. The second with superficial wear to the enamels and a ca. 1 cm hairline, as well as a number of small rim chips.

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