A varied collection of Chinese porcelain, Kangxi and later

This lot was sold on 2023-12-14 and is no longer available

H.: 22,5 cm (the tallest vase)
H.: 21,5 cm - L.: 15,5 cm (the blue and white pot)
L.: 19 cm - H.: 13,5 cm (the teapot)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The blue and white coffee pot with a drilled hole to the base, some overpainting to the connexion between the handle and body, spout and body, probably to cover a hailrine. Some minor glaze loss to the handle's edge. And a flake to the spout. The cover with some superficial flakes to the rim.
- The famille rose vase with the rim broken and relgued.
- The blue and white vase with the rim reduced and polished.
- The famille verte jar in excellent condition, with some minor glaze line to the rim.
- The teapo in excellent condition.

- 咖啡壶底打洞,手柄,流和壶身连接处有喷漆痕迹,应该是冲线修复。手柄侧边有剥釉。流飞皮。盖子飞皮。
- 粉彩花瓶口裂,粘合。
- 青花花瓶截口。
- 五彩罐子全品,口沿多惊釉。
- 茶壶全品。

Estimate: € 600 - € 1200