67 books on mostly Chinese Qing Dynasty porcelain, incl. a number of rare works

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Ching-tê-chên, T’Ao Lu, Sayer
The Ceramic Art of China and other countries of the Far East, W. Bowyer Honey, Faber
Chinese Porcelain Vol. 1 & 2, Gulland
Chinese ceramic Glazes, Perkins, A. L. Hetherington
Old Chinese Porcelain: Masterpieces of Handicraft
Old Chinese Porcelain: MEW
Later Chinese Porcelain, Jenyns, Faber&Faber
The Schiller Collection, City Art Gallery Bristol, 1948
International Exhibition of Chinese Art, Royal Academy of Arts London, 1935-6
Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, S. W. Bushell, Oxford in Asia Studies in Ceramics
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Handbook of a Collection of Chinese Porcelains, J. A. Garland
Chinese Porcelain, Vol. I & II, W.G. Gulland, Chapman & Hall
Guide to later Chinese Porcelain: Periods of K’ang Hsi, Yun Chêng and Ch’ien Lung, 1927
Chats on oriental China – A Practical Guide for the collector, J.F. Blacker, T. Fisher Unwin
Guide to the Pottery & Porcelain of the Far East in the department of Ceramics and Ethnograpy, 1924
Chinese Porcelain: Periods of K’ang Hsi, Yun Chêng and Ch’ien Lung, The Victoria and Albert Museum Department of Ceramics
Pottery & Porcelain: a handbook for collectors, the Far East, E. Hannover, London: Ernest Benn Limited
How to identify old Chinese Porcelain, W. Hodgson, Mehuen
A Guide to oriental ceramics, E. Wilson, Tuttle
Chinese Porcelain of the Ch’ing Dynasty, V&A Museum
Chinese Porcelain, O. Du Sartel
Yixing Pottery: The world of Chinese Tea Culture, Long River
Chinese Porcelain: Art, Elegance and Appreciation, Long River
Chinese Porcelain: Buyers’s Price Guide, A Miller’s Guide
Antique Ceramics, Lee Ying Ho, Asiapac collector’s Series
Chinese ceramics, Ji Wei, Reader’s Digest
Chinese Ceramics, Fang Lili, Cambridge
Les poteries et porcelaines chinoises, D. Lion-Goldschmidt
Chinese ceramics, Ashmolean Museum, M. Tregear, 1979
Chinese ceramics, Ashmolean Museum, M. Tregear, 1987
Chinese ceramics: a short History, Masahiko Sato
Guide to the Chinese ceramics in the Department of Eastern Art Ashmolean Museum, M. Tregear
The Art of the Chinese Potter, 206 BC – AD 1908
Chinese porcelain, A. du Boulay, Octopus Books
Museum of Asian Art on Corfu, Hellenic Ministry of Culture Archaeological Receipts Fund
Chinese Antiquities: an introduction to the Art Market, A. Wang, Sotheby’s
Precious Vessels: 2000 Years of Chinese Pottery, Merseyside County Museums
Chinese Pottery and Porcelain from Prehistory to the Present, S. J. Vainker
A Handbook of Chinese Ceramics, S. G. Valenstein, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Chinese Glazes: Their origins, Chemistry and Recreation, N. Wood, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia
Allen’s Authentication of Later Chinese Porcelain (1796AD-1999AD), A. J. Allen
Allen’s Introduction to Later Chinese Porcelain, A. J. Allen
Allen’s Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics, A. J. Allen
Chinese Ceramics – Selected articles from Orientations 1982-2003
The Ceramics of china 5000BC to 1912AD, G. & R. Mascarelli, Schiffer
How to read Chinese Ceramics, Leidy, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Chinese Ceramics: Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911, R. Kerr, V&A Museum Far Eastern Series
Symbols on Chinese Porcelain, 10 000 Times Happiness, E. Ströber, Arnoldsche
Chinese Ceramics, S. Hayashiya & G. Hasebe, Tuttle
Chinese Ceramics, W.B.R. Neave-Hill, J. Bartholomex & Son Ltd Edinburgh & London
The Art of Chinese Ceramics: An Illustrated History featuring 150 Pieces from the Palace Museum in Beijing
A Dealer’s Hand: The Chinese Art World through the Eyes of Giuseppe Eskenazi, Scala
Céramique ancienne de l’Asie, Office du Livre, F. Koyama
Chinese Ceramics from the Paleolithic Period through the Qing Dynasty, Yale
Oriental Ceramic Art, Bushell, Muller
Chinese Folk Painting on Porcelain, B. Keguan, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing
Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, L. Zhiyan & C. Wen, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing
Chinese Ceramics: The new standard guide, He Li, Thames & Hudson
Chinese Ceramics, M. & C. Beurdeley, Thames & Hudson
Ming Porcelain, D. Lion-Goldschmidt, Thames & Hudson
Qing Porcelain, Famille verte, Famille rose, M. Beurdeley & G. Raindre
Chinese Ceramiek, Handboek geschreven naar aanleiding van de verzamelingen in het Gemeentelijk Museum Het Princessehof te Leeuwarden, Nanne Ottema
Chineesch Aardewerk en Porcelein, A. J. Kleykamp
Chinesisches Porzellan und die übrigen keramischen Erzeugnisse Chinas, Ernst Zimmermann Vol I
Chinesisches Porzellan und die übrigen keramischen Erzeugnisse Chinas, Ernst Zimmermann Vol II

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