63 Asian art books, mainly on Chinese and Korean art, incl. a number of rare works

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Chinese Bronzes, P. Hamlyn, Cameo
Les bronzes chinois, T. Dexel
Bronzes archaïques chinois Archaic Chinese Bronzes, Musée Cernuschi, V. Elisseeff
Exploring China’s Past: New discoveries and Studies in Archaeology and Art, Whitfield & Wang, Saffron
Chinese Art from the Collection of H.M. King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden
Seltene Kunstobjekte aus ältesten une alten Kulturen China und Thailand, Galerie Zacke Wien
Corpo e Anima – Body and Soul, Renzo Freschi oriental Art
The Mount Trust Collection of Chinese Art
Chinese Ceramics at Lotherton Hall, Leeds, H. Sutcliffe
Collecting Chinese Art: Interpretation and Display, Colloquies on Art & Archaeology in Asia No. 20, Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, S. Pierson
Pathways to the Afterlife: Early Chinese Art from the Sze Hong Collection, Denver Art Museum University of Hawaii Press
The Chinese Collection selected works from the Norton Museum of Art
Handbook of the Oriental Collection, Birmingham Museum of Art
Chinese Connoisseurship: the Ko Ku Yao Lun: The Essential Criteria of Antiquities, Sir Percival David
The Seligman Collection of Oriental Art, Vol. 2, Chinese and Korean Pottery and Porcelain, J. Ayers
The Seligman Collection of Oriental Art, Hansford, Vol. 1: Chinese, Central Asian and Luristan Bronzes and Chinese Jades and Sculptures, The Arts Council of Great Britain
Original Intentions, Essays on Production, Reproduction, and Interpretation in the Arts of China, Pearce & Steuber
Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty, B. Laufer, Tuttle
Chinese Paintings, Textiles, Snuff Bottles, Ceramics and Works of Art, 14-15 may 1979
Ten Thousand things: Module and Mass Production in Chinese Art, A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1998, Bollingen Series XXXV, 46 Princeton
Gilded Splendor: Treasures of China’s Liao Empire (907-1125)
The Han Dynasty, M. Pirazzoli-t’Serstevens, Rizzoli
China: a History in Art, B. Smith & Wan-go Weng, Gemini Smith
China at the Court of the Emperors: Unknown Masterpieces, Han tradition to Tang Elegance (25-907)
The Chinese Collector through the Centuries, Tuttle
The Murals of Li Hsien’s Tomb of T’Ang Dynasty, Shensi Provincial Museum, Wenwu Press, Peking 1974 (ENG + FR)
La Collection Guérinet, Art chinois Indo-chinois, Japonais
Chinese paintings, Textiles, Snuff Bottles, Ceramics and Works of Art, Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc, Salenumber 4223, New York
A Chinese calligraphy album
Masterpieces of Chinese Painting in the National Palace Museum, National Palace Museum, Taipei
Chinese painting, William Cohn
Opgegraven schatten uit de volksrepubliek China, Rijksmuseum
The Minor Arts of China IV, Spink and Son Ltd, April 1989
Chinese ceramics, Bronzes and Jades in the collection of Sir Alan and Lady Barlow, Michael Sullivan
Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting, The Collection of the Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, and The Cleveland Museum of Art
Museum Für Ostasiatische Kunst Berlin, Ausgewählte Werke Ostasiatischer Kunst, Berlin- Dahlem
The Mustard Seed Garden Manual Of Painting, Chieh Tzu Yüan Hua Chuan, translated from the Chinese and edited by Mai-mai Sze
The Sculpture of Thailand, Theodore Bowie, M.C. Subhadradis Diskul, A.B. Griswold
Chinese and Japanese Sculpture, 7 November 2002 – 15 November 2002, Gerard Hawthorn Ltd, Oriental Art
Handbook to the Collections of Early Chinese Antiquities, William Watson
The Art of Sourtheast Asia, Temples and Sculpture, Louis Frédéric, Translated from the French by Arnold Rosin
Prestige du Passé Chine, Texte de Joachim Hildebrand, Diffussion J. Lazarus (FR)
Treasures From the Shang and a Selection of Ritual Objects, Gisèle Croës, New York March 2001
The Arts of China to AD 900, William Watson
Meisterwerke Chinesischer Malerei, Werner Speiser
Art du Tibet, La Collection des Musées Royeux d’Art et d’Histoire Bruxelles, Miriam Lambrecht
Tibetan-Lamaist Art, Henri Kamer Galerie Inc, text by Carin Burrows
Art Lamaïque, Art Des Dieux, Jacques van Goidsenhoven
Jades Chinois, pierres d’immortalité, Musée Cernuschi, du 26 septembre 1997 au 4 janvier 1998
Radiant Stones, Archaic Chinese Jades, Myrna Myers (water damage)
Chinese and Annamese Ceramics, A. Joseph
Dragons & Lotus Blossoms, Stevenson, Wood, Birmingham Museum of Art
Ceramic Traditions of South-East Asia, Guy, Oxford
The Ceramics of South-East Asia – Their Dating and Identification, Roxanna M. Brown
Vietnamese Ceramics: A Separate Tradition, Stevenson & Guy, Art Media Resources
Korean masterpieces of the Chosôn dynasty, Powerhouse Publishing, Queensland Art Gallery
The Ceramic Art of Korea, Faber & Faber
Korean Art from the Gompertz and Other Collections in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
The Arts of Korea, Thames & Hudson, C. Kim W.-Y. Kim
Korean Pottery & Porcelain of the Yi Period, Faber&Faber, G. St. G. M. Gompertz
Corean Pottery, W. B. Honey, Faber&Faber
Handbook of Korean Art Earthenware and Celadon, Youngsook Pak & Roderick Whitfield
Handbook of Korean Art White Porcelain and Punch’ông ware, Jae-yeol Kim
Two Thousands years of Oriental Ceramics, Thames & Hudson

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