A Chinese pseudo-cloisonné Canton enamel basin, Qianlong mark and of the period


Dia.: 34 cm - H.: 10 cm

- For a quasi identical example in Palace Museum in Taipei. (link)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Presenting very well.
- Some small typical touch-ups to the inner rim and the back to cover some typical enamel loss.
- Some typical tight crack lines throughout.
- A small chip and related bump marks located on the inner rim on the front.

- 单纯视觉效果,品相良好。
- 折沿盘内沿和背面几处典型的复绘补彩痕迹,应该是修复脱釉部分。
- 多处典型的裂纹。
- 正面内口沿有一个飞皮和相应的碰撞痕迹。

Estimate: € 40000 - € 80000