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Nine various Chinese porcelain snuff bottles, Yongzheng and Tongzhi mark, 19/20th C.


H.:  7,8 cm (the tallest)

Condition report:
Condition: (UV-checked)(from left to right)
- The second with a small superficial chip from the foot rim.
- The fifth with a small chip and two related short hairlines.
- The seventh with two small chips from the foot rim and there is a short hairline from the top rim.
- The ninth with a superficial chip from the top and foot rim.
- All the rest are in excellent condition, with normal superficial wear.

- 第二個圈足上有一處小飛皮。
- 第五個口沿處有一個小飛皮和兩條與之關聯的短沖線。
- 第七個圈足上有兩處小飛皮,口沿上有一條短沖線。
- 第九個口沿和圈足上各有一個小飛皮。
- 其餘皆全品。
Estimate: € 500 - € 1000