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A Chinese blue and white 'Bleu de Hue' dish with phoenixes for Đặng Huy Trứ (1825 - 1874), Đặng Huy Trứ mark and inscription, dated 1868

This lot was sold on 2024-04-18 and is no longer available

Dia.: 13 cm

Porcelain commissioned in Guangdong, China, with a pattern called 'phung mao tê my' (phoenixes and peonies). 
The ring mark on the base reads: 嗣 德 戊 辰 中 秋 鄧 季 祠 堂 祭 器 鳳 毛 濟 美 (which translates in Vietnamese to) Tự Đức Mậu thìn trung thu Đặng quý từ đường tế khí phụng mao tế mỹ, (or in English) Altar object for the family shrine of Dang family; made in mid autumn of Wuchen year (= 1868) under Tu Duc reign, motif of the 'Beauty of the phoenix's feather.'

- Only three other plates with this design are known. The first is in the Hue Antiquities Museum (a bit damaged) (see added image no.3). The second belongs to collector Trần Đình Sơn in Saigon, published in: Tan man Phu XUAN, by Tran Dinh Son & Hoang Anh, Nha Xuat Banh Tre 2001, page 98 (link). The third is published in CO VA by Pham Hy Tung, Nha Xuat Ban Van Hoa Sai Gon 2006 , p. 320.

- The collection of Dr. Claus Vollers, German ambassador in Vietnam 1981-84.
- The collection of Thomas Ulbrich, Studio Tho, Hanoi-Berlin, acquired from the above.