A pair of rare Chinese blue and white 'fisherman, woodcutter, farmer and scholar 漁樵耕讀圖' offering tazzas, Zhu Jiang Ruo Ji 珠江若記 mark, 19th C.


Dia.: 14 cm - H.: 13,5 cm

This pair of offering tazzas depict the four noble professions of ancient China: fisherman, woodcutter, farmer, and scholar '漁樵耕讀'.
Fisherman, woodcutter, farmer and scholar, are four relatively important occupations in Chinese farming society and represent the basic lifestyle of the working people in ancient China. Many are also performed by officials after their retirement. Therefore, traditional Chinese folk paintings often use fishermen, woodcutters, and farmers as theme, and many classical furniture often use these same professions as their carving design, which means that business is flourishing. This is a less common design on Chinese porcelain, which makes this piece an interesting collectible.

Estimate: € 1500 - € 2500