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Two Chinese famille rose 'chupu' bowls and covers for the Straits or Peranakan market, Tongzhi mark and of the period

This lot was sold on 2024-04-18 and is no longer available

Dia.: 10 cm - H.: 13 cm
Dia.: 10,3 cm - H.: 12 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The left bowl with a few chips to the rim, the cover with a few flakes to the base rim and two breaks and a break reglued to the rim of the finial.
- The right bowl in quasi excellent condition, with a small superficial flake to the rim, the cover in quasi excellent condition, with a few tiny flakes to the base rim.

- 左邊的碗口沿幾個小飛。蓋子底邊幾個小飛,鈕邊兩個磕崩和一個掉粘。
- 右邊的碗近乎全品,口沿一個小飛,蓋子近乎全品,底邊幾個極小飛皮。


Price incl. premium: € 1.402,50