A polychromed wooden crucifixion group, Northern Italy, 16th C.

This lot was sold on 2021-10-08 and is no longer available

H.: 79 cm - L.: 42 cm

Christ on the cross, surrounded by the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalen and Saint John. Two soldiers on horseback looking at Christ. The base inscribed SALVE.CRVX.SANTA.SALVE.MVNDI.GLORIA VERA SPES NOSTRA.

- The Larminet-Davioud collection, Lille, France.

Expert: Laurence Fligny.

Condition: (courtesy of Cabinet Fligny)
- Lacking the spears, with related small losses to the soldier's hands.
- Superficial wear throughout.
- Reinforced on the back.
-(Original version: manque les lances des soldats, renforts au dos)

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