A Frisian Delftware blue and white model of a lady and an earthenware fragment, Harlingen, ca. 1775


H.: 19,8 - 17 cm

Attributed to Jan Eelkes Kronenburg (1729-1790), Buiten de Kerkpoort (Beyond the Church Gate) workshop.

Provenance: Collection of Minze van den Akker, Fries Aardewerk Museum, Harlingen, inv. no. 0283101 a and b

See also:
- Illustrated in Minzen van den Akker: Fries Aardewerk, Majolica, Faience, Kerfsnee, Collectie Minze van den Akker, Meppel, 2007, p. 295.
- Illustrated in Jan Pluis: Fries Aardewerk, Volume VI, Harlingen Producten 1720-1933, Leiden, 2005, p. 49, pl. 84 a and b (see attached scan, source link) A fragment of a polychrome example is also shown here, bearing the date 1721.
- Illustrated in Aronson: Dutch Delftware sur la table, Amsterdam, 2016, p. 106, nr. 46.
- Princessehof Museum, Leeuwarden, for a nearly identical figure (link)