An armorial Sèvres porcelain cup and saucer with the arms of von Linsingen, France, 1st half 19th C.


Dia.: 17,5 cm (the saucer)
L.: 15 cm - H.: 9,5 cm (the cup)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The cup in very good condition with a small superficial chip to the foot, almost invisible from the front. Some wear to the gilding.
- The saucer with a retouched superficial rim chip. The foot with traces of glue covering a superficially chipped section.

Ernst von Linsingen (born July 21, 1775 in Adenstedt, died June 21, 1853 in Hanover) was a cavalry general of the Kingdom of Hanover.
In 1795 he joined the Queen's 9th Light Dragoon Regiment as a cadet, commanded by the Duke of Cumberland and later King Ernst August. As a secondary lieutenant, he fought in 1793/95 in the Netherlands. With the dissolution of the Electoral Hanoverian Army in 1803 due to the Artlenburg Convention, he immediately became enthusiastic about the idea of the King's German Legion and was initially a captain in the 1st Light Dragoon Regiment, later in the 1st Hussar Regiment, where he participated in the fights in the Iberian Peninsula. In 1811 he became a staff officer as Brigade Adjudant and was deployed in north-west Germany from 1813 under the Duke of Cambridge, with whom he had been on friendly terms since his youth.

Von Linsingen organized the cavalry units to be re-established in the course of the liberation wars, from which the new cavalry troops of the Kingdom of Hanover later emerged and rose continuously in the Hanoverian military hierarchy. King Ernst August appointed him adjudant general and head of the kingdom's military affairs in 1837. In 1845 he was reassigned to active service as commander of the 1st Cavalry Division and retired in 1848 due to health problems.

His diaries, letters and records formed an important basis for the history of the King's German Legion, written by the Irish military historian North Ludlow Beamish (1797–1872).

His ex libris may have served as a source for the design on the cup and saucer. (see last image) (source: Wikipedia)

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