A Dutch Delftware blue and white dish with soldiers at camp, Makkum, dated 1764


Dia.: 26,3 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- In good condition with typical small superficial chips along the rim.

Attributed to the painter Gatse Sytses (ca. 1724-1798) (link)
Decorated after an engraving by Frederick Bloemaert (1614/17-1669) which was part of the series Labors of the months.
Dated 1764 and inscribed Junius, indicating it may have been part of a months' series of plates.

- Depicted in Fries Aardewerk, Collection Minze van den Akker, 2007, page 224, nr. 0241262. (link)
- Aronson, Dutch Delftware, 2010, p. 114, nr. 64, for a set of 3 similar plates, dated 1757.
- Another set of 3, of later date, is in the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, on loan from the Ottema-Kingma foundation.

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