A Chinese bronze censer and cover in the shape of a Luohan on a Buddhist lion, late Ming/early Qing


H.: 32,5 cm - L.: 26 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- Generally in very good condition, with normal superficial wear and nice patination.
- Some small superficial dents and minor casting flaws throughout.
- The Luohan lacks a part of his right foot and a restoration to the connection between his right arm and hand.

- 香炉整体品相良好,正常磨损,包浆浑厚。
- 几处典型的轻微凹痕和小型铸造失误。
- 罗汉右脚缺失一部分,右手和手臂连接处一个修复痕迹。

Estimate: € 2000 - € 4000