A Chinese famille rose teapot with dragon spout, Yongzheng/Qianlong

This lot was sold on 2023-06-28 and is no longer available

H.: 16 cm - L.: 17 cm

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The cover in quasi excellent condition, with a small chip to the finial.
- The teapot with the spout broken and reglued, with a related hairline of ca. 3 cm, and a minor star-shaped glaze line on the inside, invisible on the outside.

- 盖子近乎全品,盖钮一个小飞皮。
- 茶壶的流断,后粘合,有一条相关联的约 3 厘米的冲线,壶内一个小鸡爪不透。