Thirteen various Chinese saucers and nine cups, Kangxi/Qianlong

This lot was sold on 2020-05-26 and is no longer available

Dia.: 11,5 cm (the largest saucer)
Dia.: 7 cm - H.: 4 cm (the largest cup)

Condition: (UV-checked)
- The 5 matching saucers: three with small rim chips, one with one short hairline, one with two short hairlines. 
- The set on the far left: saucer excellent, cup with two small 2 mm rim chips.
- The grisaille set (far left, second row): saucer with 1 cm hairline and small rim chips, cup excellent.
- The floral set (far left, top row): cup with small chips, saucer excellent.
- The blue and white saucer on top: excellent.
- The rooster cup and saucer (far right, top row): saucer with 1 mm rim chip, cup excellent.
- The bird cup and saucer (far right, second row): saucer with rim chips and a 3 cm hairline, cup with rim chips and 2 cm hairline.
- The overglaze blue cup and saucer (far right, bottom): cup with 2 mm rim chip, saucer excellent.
- Rose-grisaille saucer (middle): excellent.
- Three cups with birds and flowers: one with a 2 mm rim chip, one with a few 1-2 mm rim chips, one with a ca. 3 cm hairline and a rim chip.

Price incl. premium: € 3.187,50